Elizabeth Urban

Getting To Know You: Elizabeth Urban

June 26

This story is part of our series introducing you to some of the remarkable individuals who live in our vibrant community here at Willow Towers Assisted Living at United Hebrew of New Rochelle. 

Elizabeth, or Liz as she is more commonly known, takes advantage of the array of activities offered at Willow Towers. She is a big fan of Jerome’s Fitness for Life exercise classes. She also takes daily walks in the courtyard, attends Catholic mass, Holy Communion, trivia and special events. In the dining room, she eats with her friends Mary, Jean, and Carol.

Liz was born and raised in New Rochelle. She went to Columbus Elementary, Isaac Young Middle School and graduated from New Rochelle High School. She is the youngest in her family, with three sisters and two brothers. After high school, Liz went to an IBM school for computers. She learned office skills that helped her in the future.

At about 20 years old, she got her first job at Gries on Beechwood Avenue. While there, she ran into a familiar face; a man she had once stood up on a date! Thankfully, he was kind enough to give her a second chance, and she had him over to her place for a lunch. She wasn’t making much money at the time, so she wasn’t able to do anything fancy, but Liz still remembers how they shared cheap steaks and had a wonderful time.

Before long, the two decided they wanted to be married. They had a lovely honeymoon in Bermuda with plans to relocate to Pelham once they were back home. While they started a family, Liz got a new job with Avon for a little while to help save money for the kids. Her husband had good job as an electrician so he could provide for them.

They had three children: Lisa, Rosemarie, and David Anthony. Lisa has worked as a secretary; Rosemarie is an accountant and David is a police officer. Now they’re grown with kids of their own, making Liz a proud grandmother.

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