Get To Know Phyllis Silverman!

July 28

Phyllis enjoys participating in the many activities at Willow Towers. You will often find her engaged in solving crossword puzzles and word games, enjoying exercise classes, participating in our current events discussions and attending concerts. She is also a big fan of our Jewish culture programs. Most importantly, Phyllis feels lucky to have found a great group of friends, who have really made Willow Towers a special place to live.

Born in New York, Phyllis grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey with her parents and younger brother.  After high school, Phyllis pursued a fashion design and arts education degree at the former Traphagen School in Manhattan.

This led to a brief stint creating watercolor illustrations for the fashion industry. While she enjoyed her professional work and her time spent painting in New York City, Phyllis decided to moved back to Lakewood to be close to her parents. She preferred to pursue her art as a hobby and a passion, instead of a career.

Turns out, it was a wise decision to return to her hometown, as Phyllis met her future husband Ruben, an attorney, at the synagogue they both attended. She felt it was her destiny! They married soon after. Together, the couple had three children: Sharon, Lawrence, and Barbara. Phyllis continues to enjoy the company of her family, which now includes seven grandchildren.