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United Hebrew’s Home Health Agency Rated Among the Best in Nation, Highest in Westchester

August 19

A patient who returns from a hospital stay often faces a long recovery and needs to adhere to a strict set of discharge instructions, or risk another hospitalization. When it comes to ushering patients through this crucial time, United Hebrew of New Rochelle’s home health care agency has been rated among the best. This month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rated United Hebrew’s Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA) 4.5 stars out of 5, placing it in the top 12 percent in the nation, the top 6 percent of Medicare-certified agencies in New York State, and the highest-rated home health agency in Westchester County.

The agency earned this prestigious recognition by paying strict attention to the details: managing a patient’s pain, reducing falling risks, and patient education, according to Rita Mabli, president and CEO of United Hebrew of New Rochelle, a campus of comprehensive care in New Rochelle that supports seniors as they age with different levels of care.

“This excellent CMS rating reflects the dedication and care shown by our amazing clinical team to ensure our patients can recover safely at home under our watchful supervision,” said Mabli

The Significance of the Rating

Many patients and their families rely on the CMS star ratings to guide them when choosing a home health care provider. The ratings are driven by nine quality of care measures including how often the home health care staff initiated patient care, how often they provided education on medications taken, how often patients improved at walking, moving, and bathing themselves, and how often patients required acute care hospitalization, among others indicators.

CHHA met several criteria 100 percent of the time, including how often the health team checked and treated patients’ pain, took steps to prevent bed sores, assessed patients’ risk of falling, and educated patients with diabetes on proper foot care.

Indira Gaviola, R.N., CHHA Director of Patient Services, said that extensive staff training led to the agency’s stellar rating and outstanding care. She also pointed to the agency’s outstanding leadership team, which includes Nursing Supervisor Jacqueline Macancela and Patient Care Coordinator Kimberly Thani.

“We ensure the quality of the care by teaching the nurses, with frequent reinforcement, to be thorough so that they give the most comprehensive care,” Gaviola said. “You don’t merely ask a patient if he or she is experiencing pain. You ask, ‘Do you have pain if you move? What if you lie down? How about when you stand up?’”

Gaviola said she also instructs nurses to take weekly photographs of injuries – with patients’ written permission – so that she can review their progress in healing each Monday.

Mabli added, “The transition from hospital to home is a frightening time for a patient and his or her family, because they face weeks or months of recuperation. We monitor the details, both big and small. And our 4.5 star rating shows that it works. This excellent CMS rating reflects the dedication and care shown by our amazing clinical team and should give patients confidence that they are in competent hands.”